On Linquip, suppliers receive notifications of recent RFQs related to their company in their dashboard, specifically the My Inquiries section. You can, however, sync your Linquip account with your Salesforce account to receive these RFQs in Salesforce.


  • You need an Enterprise account on Linquip

  • You need a Professional, Enterprise, or Unlimited account on Salesforce

To integrate with Salesforce:

1- Login to your account and then go to your account settings in your dashboard.

2- Click "Connect to Salesforce".

account settings

3- You'll be asked to enter your Salesforce credentials to connect Salesforce to your Linquip account.

4- Allow Linquip to access your Salesforce account.

5- Your Linquip account is now connected to your Salesforce account.

6- New inquiries will now appear as new opportunities in your Salesforce account.

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